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On My Shelf: Ready for Dessert

According to David Lebovitz, “Each year, hundreds of cookbooks are released, which means that inevitably, many must go to make room for the new.” One look through his latest book Ready for Dessert (his original title idea was David’s Greatest … Continue reading

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Hungry Girl: How to Cook with Non-Dairy Creamer

Several weeks ago, Amy Sherman gave me a cookbook entitled Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World, because she knew it would drive me crazy. How well she knows me. I browsed through the … Continue reading

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Brenda’s French Soul Food

My friend Mark, who knows about everything before I do, has been wanting to go to Brenda’s French Soul Food for months. He planned to take some people to brunch there a few Sundays ago. It was, however, closed. They … Continue reading

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The French Laundry: Heavy on the Starch

There are some things in this world best left to the imagination; people, places, or events so idealized they could never live up to the expectations built up around them: your wedding day or a ménage à trois with a … Continue reading

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The Old Clam House

There are a number of   restaurants in San Francisco that have captured my imagination– restaurants about which I know absolutely nothing, apart from the clues given away by their often antiquated signs and odd locations. Russia House and Julius’ … Continue reading

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