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Mrs. Webb’s Fried Chicken

I want to spread the news of this fried chicken like a televangelist spreads the Gospel.

Except I won’t be asking you for any money. Nor will I condemn you for not believing it is the One True Fried Chicken Recipe.

But it may very well be. Continue reading

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You Say Tomato: A Very British Grocery

There’s more to urban hunting and gathering than visiting one’s local supermarket. Grocery shopping need not be limited to the likes of Safeway, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. They’re just so… corporate, and this shopper is a bit bored with … Continue reading

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Elbow's Room

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with my oldest friend in the world to mind her three-year-old while she had her hair cut and dyed. As a reward, she said, she would buy me chocolate. Fine, I thought. … Continue reading

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Kate Smith’s Favorite Recipes

Well, God Bless America, it’s Kate Smith! I’ve recently been given a book of her favorite recipes called, of all things, Kate Smith’s Favorite Recipes. If you know anything at all about me, or even care to, you know that … Continue reading

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May is Coffee Cake Month

A couple of years ago, when my friend Thrasso┬ácame to visit me from Canada, he mentioned that May had been officially designated as Coffee Cake Month. When I asked how he came by such an important nugget of information, he … Continue reading

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The Mint Julep

In honor of the 134th annual Kentucky Derby, which just happens to be happening tomorrow, I am making mint juleps. How could I not? Since I am neither a Southerner, nor have I ever been to Churchill Downs, I very … Continue reading

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Coffee Bar

This was supposed to be an easy-does-it post… Go to Coffee Bar. Go to Coffee Bar to get a beautiful, just-for-you cup of Clover-made coffee. Go to Coffee Bar because it is not Starbucks which, not surprisingly, is just around … Continue reading

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Beefcake with Chocolate Icing.

Could somebody please explain this photo to me? Not so much the subtext, though I must confess the angle of Tab Hunter’s breakfast sausage peeking above the top of his short shorts is fascinating. And a little bit of a … Continue reading

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The Ice Cream Sandwich

It sounds like a pre-Beatles-era dance step requiring two partners. Can you do the Ice Cream Sandwich? I took a very, very long walk on the last day of our brief heatwave last week. Like, all day. Though the blossoms … Continue reading

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Harira: Moroccan Soul Food

Or is that lung food? When I spent time in Morocco a couple of years ago, I found harira on nearly every menu. Traditionally, it is the food that breaks the month-long, daylight fasting of Ramadan, but I was told … Continue reading

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