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The Cheese Toast Incident

As I wondered whether or not it would be a good idea to serve them more alcohol, Debbie Reynolds broke the unbearable silence. Continue reading

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Touchscreen Dining: Out of Touch?

Have you seen this contraption? It’s a 7 inch tall interactive, touchscreen restaurant menu tablet from E La Carte. And it might very well be part of your dining future. My feelings toward it are mixed, at best. I am … Continue reading

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What Makes A Great Waiter Great?

A week or so ago, I had dinner with an old friend and her family at a very, very tony restaurant here in San Francisco. The layout of the space was beautiful– everything was styled to the teeth: the flowers, … Continue reading

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$3.75 and worth every penny.

Today’s post is directed at my waiter brethren, should there be any reading. The rest of you, of course, are most welcome to read. The other night, I waited on a rather handsome European couple. Spanish. First time in San … Continue reading

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