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Gin Blossom Dearie or, What I Learned from Schoolhouse Rock.

Cool as a cucumber; as floral and sweet as her name, but with a little bit of a bitter edge. The blossoms of Spring may have faded and dropped their petals, but this, dear readers is my blossom of Summer. I plan on having several, though not all at once. Ideally, I’ll find a refreshing breeze and someone to peel my grapes for me as I lounge and sip; happy to know that The Best Is Yet To Come. Continue reading

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A Quesadilla to Make You Cry

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about food and my relationship to it. What did I think about the latest food trends? Why is food important? Do I consider myself a “foodie”? (Answer: … Continue reading

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Crab Rangoon: Something from Something Else.

Last week, I accepted a dinner invitation from an ex-boyfriend to dine with two old, out-of-town friends at Bar Crudo. It would seem that I can be lured nearly anywhere by the promise of raw shellfish and wine. It was … Continue reading

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Rally, I do.

There is so much to say about this rally and what it signified for me that I can’t possibly fit it all into a blog post. This is one for my therapist, certainly, but it’s something I had to write … Continue reading

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