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Crème de Pot

In 2018, I am now far too old to be mixing drugs and alcohol cavalierly and have yet to secure my Election Night companionship, but I do know what I’ll be serving to those who do decide to endure this biennial ritual with me: Continue reading

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Ku Klux Klams

Clams are, by instinct and necessity of location, bottom feeders. Continue reading

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Mrs. Webb’s Fried Chicken

I want to spread the news of this fried chicken like a televangelist spreads the Gospel.

Except I won’t be asking you for any money. Nor will I condemn you for not believing it is the One True Fried Chicken Recipe.

But it may very well be. Continue reading

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I hate everything about this word. I hate the look of it, I hate the hard sound of it, I hate the power of it. I hate the hate of it. There is nothing pleasant about the word “faggot”. Even … Continue reading

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Rich as Rockefeller

Having never been a fan of big business (or big business guys, for that matter), it struck me as odd that I should want to make something that pays homage to the grandfather of corporate culture and American oil-dependence. Of course, Rockefeller also donated vast sums of money for education (he was instrumental in the founding of both the University of Chicago and Spelman College, for example) and was dedicated to the eradication of both hookworm and yellow fever.

So there you have it. Continue reading

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Eating Cute

Where I work, we serve rabbit. It’s a delightful dish, but when I describe it to guests, very often I am greeted with head-shaking, gasps of alarm, or– sometimes– the empathetic bunny-twitching of noses. “Oh no, no, no,” I’ve heard … Continue reading

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I’ll Have a Shirley Temple… and Make It Black.

Which was exactly what was happening as I spoke the words. One Shirley, two Shirley, three Shirleys down… So I resolved then and there to create a drink in Jane Withers’ honor to make up for nearly seven decades-worth of … Continue reading

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Yuba City.

A little while back, my friend Deborah asked me if I would be interested in learning how tofu was made. I couldn’t think of any good reason not to be interested, so I said, “Yes,” and met up with her … Continue reading

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How Not to Serve Tapenade

The olive tree has provided food, shelter, light, and lubrication to half of my ancestors for the past few thousand years. Those swarthy Mediterraneans who kindly passed along their sun-loving, cancer-resistant genes spent generation upon generation cultivating the fruit of … Continue reading

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As Canadian a Breakfast as Possible…

… under the circumstances.* Yesterday marked the Opening Ceremonies of the XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, if you haven’t been paying attention. In its honor or, more correctly, honour, I’ve decided to make a real Canadian breakfast to … Continue reading

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