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The Brandy Snifter of Blood.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head in the same spot where my brother’s had while acting dramatic with the brandy snifter in his hand. The two major differences being that I was not acting and that the brandy snifter was not in my hand… Continue reading

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Rosemary’s Baby Food

The great 20th century poet/philosopher Pat Benatar once remarked that “hell is for children.” Jean-Paul Sartre, a lesser-known thinker from the same century, wrote that “hell is other people.” I would like to take these ideas to the next, logical … Continue reading

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Dead Giveaway: Enter to Win!

A little while back, I was ranting about the epidemic of food bloggers giving away free stuff in order to entice people to their websites. Win a free immersion blender! Win a free sous vide machine! Win a free kidney! … Continue reading

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Just in Time for Halloween: The Jackie O. Lantern

For a delicious bit of added fun, summon the spirit of Aristotle Onassis with the help of your Ouija board. Continue reading

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