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Saganaki, Unflamed

One evening, as I passed the kitchen line of the Greek restaurant where I work, my chef asked me to do what he is always asking everyone within reach to do: run food. “Heat,” he likes to say,” is a … Continue reading

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Favosalata: It’s Really Not Hummus.

I don’t care what you say, this is not hummus. It is called favosalata. If you insist on calling it hummus, I will persist in telling you that you are wrong, however politely. Where I work, we are very good … Continue reading

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Happy 4th: From My Village to Yours.

Where I work, there are a small handful of men who occasionally begin their sentences with the phrase “In my village…”

“In my village, we have a festival.” “In my village, we would never treat an octopus in such a way.”

These men can get away with saying such things as easily as they can get away with calling women “baby” because they are Greek. The have the accent, they have an old world charm about them that clings like the smell of clove and stale cigarette smoke.

And I have always been a little bit jealous. If I were to ever pepper my sentences with the words “In my village…” People would most likely assume it was Greenwich Village. And I can just forget about using the word “baby.” Ever. Continue reading

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The Easter Egg

In 2010, the East (Greek and Russian Orthodox) and the West (Roman Catholic and its breakaway Protestant faiths) will be booking the same banquet room, as it were, for Easter. It is only an occasional occurrence that their holiday schedules … Continue reading

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