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I was far too hungry and in no mood to feel conflicted about eating a BLT. It gets a bit tiring burdening ingredients with so much meaning all the time. Continue reading

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2nd Place Sandwich

It seems I had missed the part where, by accepting, I had agreed to participate in a Top Chef-style sandwich making throw down with two other bloggers. In front of a panel of judges. Continue reading

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Donna Summer Hot Lunch.

When disco invaded my home in the spring of 1976, it came by virtue of Donna Summer’s voice. Perhaps “virtue” is a poor word choice given the fact that, thanks to the her extended dance version of the song “Love to Love You Baby”, I learned how to fake an orgasm at the tender age of six. Continue reading

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Croaked Madame

When my brother went off to the south of France for his year abroad, one of the first things he planned to do was take a little side trip to Monaco to visit Princess Grace.

He had no prior introduction to either Her Serene Highness nor her family, but I am almost certain he considered that, since he and she were half Irish and both of their fathers were from Philadelphia, he was a shoe-in for a dinner invite. Continue reading

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Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

For the longest time, I never really knew what to think of cherry tomatoes. Or what to do with them. Though I might have regarded them as more interesting and Barbie-sized than the usual, boring (and most often flavorless) Beefsteak … Continue reading

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The Henri Bergson: A Chicken-and-Egg Salad Sandwich

Which came first: the chicken salad or the egg salad? It’s a question I’d never bothered to ask myself before this year. Until recently, I don’t think I’ve ever much cared, since I’ve never considered myself much of a creamy, protein-based … Continue reading

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The Martuna: A Sandwich in Every Glass

“Do you have a cocktail list?” is one of the first questions I am often asked as a waiter in an upscale restaurant. It is one of the few questions I get to cheerfully answer with a big “no.” “You … Continue reading

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Coronation Chicken Salad: Fit for a Queen.

…and, boy, do I know a lot of them. Last weekend, I was (cheerfully) roped into helping prepare and serve a “proper” English tea by an old friend who had offered up her home, her china, and her silver tea … Continue reading

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