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If you come from a culture that does not understand the concept of “breakfast”, click here to discover an exciting new-to-you time of day to eat.

As Canadian a Breakfast as Possible…

… under the circumstances.* Yesterday marked the Opening Ceremonies of the XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, if you haven’t been paying attention. In its honor or, more correctly, honour, I’ve decided to make a real Canadian breakfast to … Continue reading

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A Quesadilla to Make You Cry

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about food and my relationship to it. What did I think about the latest food trends? Why is food important? Do I consider myself a “foodie”? (Answer: … Continue reading

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Turkey Hash: A Black Friday Breakfast

(Yes, I know it is Saturday, but this post was written yesterday for the Friday slot over at Bay Area Bites. Please suspend any sort of calendric disbelief you might harbor and stay with me…) Well Happy Black Friday, everyone, … Continue reading

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Chilaquiles: A Cure for the End-of-Times Hangover.

Are you as tired of hearing about the End-of-Times as I am? If one is to believe all the hullabaloo, we humans have slightly more than 3 years to live until catastrophe strikes. The ancient Egyptians predicted a great disaster … Continue reading

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Monkey Bread: Pinch a Loaf Today

I’d never heard of Monkey Bread until a few weeks ago. The name immediately caught my attention. The image of monkeys picking at a loaf of bread as they would nits off each other’s backs came to mind. Charming, I … Continue reading

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Kate Smith’s Favorite Recipes

Well, God Bless America, it’s Kate Smith! I’ve recently been given a book of her favorite recipes called, of all things, Kate Smith’s Favorite Recipes. If you know anything at all about me, or even care to, you know that … Continue reading

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Brenda’s French Soul Food

My friend Mark, who knows about everything before I do, has been wanting to go to Brenda’s French Soul Food for months. He planned to take some people to brunch there a few Sundays ago. It was, however, closed. They … Continue reading

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The Hangtown Fry

Before I moved to San Francisco, I knew surprisingly little about the City, which suited me fine, since I have never felt the need for too much advanced knowledge about anything. And I had no desire to trade the fantasy … Continue reading

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