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Mrs. Webb’s Fried Chicken

I want to spread the news of this fried chicken like a televangelist spreads the Gospel.

Except I won’t be asking you for any money. Nor will I condemn you for not believing it is the One True Fried Chicken Recipe.

But it may very well be. Continue reading

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Happy New-ish Year

Well, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar to all you people out there. I’m still under the New Year wire, am I not? I rather enjoyed 2010, but I am comfortable letting it go. I met a lot of really interesting people, did innumerable … Continue reading

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Ovaltine Ice Cream: Christmas without The Fluff

Cloris Leachman and Mel Brooks are almost entirely to blame for this week’s post. Or to thank, depending upon your point of view. I was curled up in bed one evening, enjoying a scene from the film Young Frankenstein in … Continue reading

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One Fierce Holiday Cookie.

The Holidays are loud, overly-decorated, in-your-face. This time of year screams out for a cookie to to match it. And gingerbread drag queens certainly fit the bill. Continue reading

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I hate everything about this word. I hate the look of it, I hate the hard sound of it, I hate the power of it. I hate the hate of it. There is nothing pleasant about the word “faggot”. Even … Continue reading

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We Have A Winner!

Finally. Okay, I simply forgot to post the winner because I’ve never done a giveaway before and I am perfectly imperfect. Congratulations to Rebecca of Foodie with Family! She is the soon-to-be proud owner of a dead person’s cake comb. … Continue reading

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Dead Giveaway: Enter to Win!

A little while back, I was ranting about the epidemic of food bloggers giving away free stuff in order to entice people to their websites. Win a free immersion blender! Win a free sous vide machine! Win a free kidney! … Continue reading

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My Calabria: My Rosetta Stone

About a month ago, I received an email from a woman named Roberta Klugman asking me if I remembered the conversation we’d had more than a year ago about an upcoming cookbook called My Calabria when she came to lunch … Continue reading

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Eat Me

Let’s pretend for a moment you were asked to translate yourself into a plate of food. If you were to turn the phrase “You are what you eat” on its ear and attempt to eat what you are, what exactly … Continue reading

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Saganaki, Unflamed

One evening, as I passed the kitchen line of the Greek restaurant where I work, my chef asked me to do what he is always asking everyone within reach to do: run food. “Heat,” he likes to say,” is a … Continue reading

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