Hallo, Fremder.

Dark Wanderer

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One Response to Dark Wanderer

  1. Judith Bishop says:

    Dearest Thoughtless-
    I did notice your absence in my noise ladden internet feeds. I always look forward to your unique food/booze/world view.
    Being older and less wiser than you I also ponder if the world needs another cookbook,blog entry etc. Am I just adding to someone else’s noise? It has paralyzed my creativity. In reading your note it has made me think WTF? Just throw it on the internet wall and see if it sticks! What have we got to loose?
    You really have a great voice. I glean from your posts that you have had some rough times. I can’t wait to see where you will go.
    Now- an idea for your forked tongue- “What’s all this I hear about avocado toasts” I just read an article suggesting one should set up a “Toast Bar” for brunch! And avocado toasts have become the darling of wannabe cool restaurants. You could write a great piece!!
    Your Queen follows you!

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