Beautiful Food

It’s dreary outside today. I thought I’d spend the afternoon getting things done about the apartment, but that just isn’t working out so well.

So instead, I thought I’d share another episode of my favorite cooking programme (it’s from the BBC, so I can get away with British spelling), Posh Nosh.

Q: Why are brandy glasses so beautiful?

A: Because they’re huge.

I could certainly go for a nice, huge glass of 1981 Armagnac, but then I’d never, ever get anything done. And, of course, I have this thing about big brandy snifters.

It’s called fear.

Just ask anyone who has seen the scar on my ass. They can tell you the story. Or, after a two snorts of brandy, I could. Hell, after three, I’d probably volunteer to show you the scar.

Instructions for viewing (the video, not my backside, though in some instances the instructions would be the same):

1. Find a warm, dry place.

2. Pour yourself a glass of anything, as long as it’s huge.

3. Click on the video.

4. Enjoy yourself some Beautiful Food.

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I write about food and am very fond of Edward Gorey. And gin.
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6 Responses to Beautiful Food

  1. Nicky D. says:

    What happens after four?

  2. Becky D says:

    Like God’s weewee…no, better. That chuckled me right up. Thanks for sharing!

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