Waiter, there's a _____ in my blog.

I’ve been watching a little too much Match Game on YouTube lately.

I’m taking a little time off (only a couple of weeks) because I am coming up blank on just about everything. September has rather knocked the wind out of my Soupy Sales, as it were (I’ve also been watching a little too much $25,000 Pyramid.). It knocked me flat out into a shivering, sweat-drenched mess for six days, in fact.


I need a couple of weeks to recharge, regroup, and rehydrate.

I shall return with full snarkiness, I promise. Soon.



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5 Responses to Waiter, there's a _____ in my blog.

  1. Dani says:

    I’ll miss you. I love your talent.

  2. michaelprocopio says:

    Thanks, Dani. That means quite a lot to me.

  3. Jenn says:

    I feel you brother. Rest up, come back. xo

  4. Shannon says:

    We’ll be waiting.

  5. michaelprocopio says:

    Thanks, Jenn. Thanks, Shan. I’m back amongst the living again.

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