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I Got It from Tom: Absinthe Jellies

It is thanks to Maria von Trapp, God, Tom Lehrer, and that bottle of absinthe collecting dust on my liquor shelf that I am able to bring you a recipe that is sure to please (and thoroughly sozzle) your loved ones, just in time for the Holidays. Continue reading

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Eating Light

This Holiday Season, I’ll be self-medicating with more fruits and vegetables and less bourbon. A little less, at any rate. One must keep out the cold. Continue reading

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Giving Proper Thanks

I’m not much of a holiday person. While the essence of Christmas is a lovely thought, I can’t bear suffering through six to eight weeks of blinking lights and enforced good cheer. New Year’s Eve is nearly always disappointing, filled … Continue reading

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One Fierce Holiday Cookie.

The Holidays are loud, overly-decorated, in-your-face. This time of year screams out for a cookie to to match it. And gingerbread drag queens certainly fit the bill. Continue reading

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