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The Potion of Oblivion

I can drink sangria and watch Il Maesto’s films without tiring of either until death overtakes me. Or oblivion. Whichever one comes first. Continue reading

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2nd in Life, 1st in Cheese

I am getting to be excellent loser. I’ve had lots of practice. And I’m quite happy to report that I don’t find that such a bad thing. Continue reading

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The Corn Dogs of Easter

When everyone else was praying for the souls of the recently departed, I was praying for breakfast. Continue reading

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A Bottle of Tokaji.

Anastasia and I were no longer staying under the roof of a stiff, unsmiling doctor. We were now under the protection of a man who once had El Comandante by the balls Continue reading

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Call me whatever you like: a gourmand, a gastronome, a glutton, an epicure. You can even call me an asshole, if you feel the need to after reading this. But, whatever you call me, please don’t make it “foodie”. Continue reading

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Hi, Bob.

By the end of the show, we were as sober Mormon judges and, as anyone but a Mormon judge would guess, not exactly thrilled about it. Continue reading

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Southern Hospitality: Shrimp & Grits

I had wanted to attend The Greenbrier symposium ever since a young woman recently returned from there mentioned it was the place to which Congress would flee in the event of a nuclear holocaust. Continue reading

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KY Jelly Is My New Jam

It was not what I imagined Kentucky to taste like. Continue reading

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Hortotiropita & The Five Stages of Restaurant Grief.

Now you can understand my state of mind when, earlier this year, I suffered my own, devastating loss– the spanakotiropita, served at my restaurant since the day it first opened, vanished into phyllo-thin air. Continue reading

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Anchovy Lover

Serve the First-Day anchovies on their own, with just a drizzle of the marinade and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Serve Second-Day anchovies on toasted bread with great lashings of butter.

Serve Third-Day anchovies to your cat.

Do not serve Seventh-Day anchovies on the Sabbath. Continue reading

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