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Butterscotch Pudding, Once Removed

Last weekend, I attended what was affectionately called The Cousin Summit. It was hosted by Ann Marie, the family member who is not only closest to me in age but, conveniently, the closest to me in geographic terms, too. She … Continue reading

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Liberace’s Sticky Buns

Today, thanks to the magic of Twitter, I learned that the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada is closing. All those years of visiting Sin City and I never once bothered to go to that damned museum. I always said … Continue reading

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Rizogalo: Rice Pudding, Greek Style

The Greeks have their own, particular way of doing things: eating, speaking, dancing with chairs balanced on their chins, dressing, getting excited when anything that can be broken is smashed onto the floor.

I like to call it Greek style. Or Greek-style, depending upon the activity. Continue reading

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Death in the Afternoon

I recently met up with my friend Fatemeh for brunch. I had every intention of it being a long, lingering meal– the type one anticipates when one is finally presented with a rare open day and the opportunity to spent … Continue reading

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Summer in Morocco or, Bastilla Day

I was confused by Morocco before I ever left the plane. Looking down at its Mediterranean coastline after a stretch of late-Winter rains, I turned to the friend sitting next to me and said with more than a little disbelief: … Continue reading

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Guacamole And The Five Year-Old Chinese Woman

The other morning, I was awakened bright and early by a phone call: “Uhhh… Hey! What you are doing Saturday night?” It was my friend Shannon. I’m not very good at making up lies first thing in the morning, so … Continue reading

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My Teenage Life of Crime: Hustler Made Me Do It.

When I was a boy, I learned about sex from my neighbors. They were entirely unaware of this instruction, but I learned from them, just the same. Like most sexual awakenings, it happened by a combination of accident, curiosity, and … Continue reading

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'Round the Corner, Fudge Is Made.

The other day, I heard someone utter a little childrens’ rhyme: Milk, milk, lemonade. Round the corner, fudge is made. Instantly, I had this uncontrollable urge for fudge. Imagine that. Here it is the beginning of summer, and I am … Continue reading

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Pinch Dipping

This year, I celebrated the 4th of July at the home of my friends Lyle and Cybele. We were all working. A lot. Lyle and I at our respective, sister restaurants; Cybele was finishing up her final exams. The return … Continue reading

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Peaches: Not Ready for Prime Time

Peach season is (almost here) and I am chomping at the bit to sink my near-perfect set of choppers (thanks, Dad*) into my first ripe one. This morning, I even eyed an old t-shirt I thought would be perfect to … Continue reading

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